About A2
The A2 Laboratory is a research unit which aims to change traditional
instructional environment. Learn more about its goal and works.

The Advanced Integrative Individualization (AII) Laboratory is led by Chair Professor Sherry Y. Chen, moving from the UK to Taiwan in 2009. Currently, the AII includes one academic faculty, one PhD student, five mater students and one research assistant. Furthermore, it also includes four alumni. Although this is a small laboratory, we have produced more than 40 academic papers since 2009.

The AII laboratory conducts an interdisciplinary study concerned with human-computer interaction. Our work involves artificial intelligence, educational technologies, and information retrieval. On the other hand, the AII Laboratory is an internationalized setting. This is due to the fact that it not only collaborates with people in a variety of countries, including UK and USA. Furthermore, it also obtains funding from research councils in different countries. In the past, we got funding support from the AHRC and EPSRC in the UK and European Commission. Currently, the major funding comes from Taiwan’s National Science Council (NSC), which supports the following research projects:

1. Suitability of Customized Learning and Personalized Learning: A Human Factor Perspective
2. Collaborative Information Seeking and Sharing: A Cognitive Style Perspective.
3. The effects of cognitive styles on technology-based learning tools

For general enquiries regarding research collaborations, or opportunities within the AII, please contact
Prof. Sherry Y. Chen