Learn more about information of the main three research areas which
the A2 Lab is focusing on.

Human Factors is the scientific discipline concerned with the understanding of the effects of users’ characteristics on their interactions with a computing system. In essence, the ultimate goal is to designing devices and products that can accommodate users’ individual differences, including prior knowledge, gender differences and cognitive styles.

Customization and Personalization aims to provide individualization to suit to each user’s needs. However, they have different notions. The former is a user-driven process while the latter is system-driven. We have incorporated these two approaches into the development of web-based learning systems and digital libraries.

Usability and credibility refers to how well users can learn and use a product to achieve their goals. Among various usability and credibility guidelines, we particularly focus on Nielsen’s heuristics and Fogg’s credibility guidelines. The information products assessed by our laboratory include online shopping, game-based learning and mobile devices.

The work related to the above three key themes has led not only to significant contributions published in many leading journals in various fields, but also to effective implementation of applications that can be successfully used in practical settings, especially in network learning and digital libraries. We welcome opportunities for collaborative research with academia and industry in the aforementioned three key themes or other related areas.